We’re delighted to announce the launch of the next series of Intelligent Instructor Masterclasses.

Delivering an ‘A’ grade client-centred lesson with Ray Seagrave.

Ray Seagrave

Ray Seagrave is a well-respected industry award-winning trainer.He has been passionate around helpingothers achieve goals and be the best they can be throughout his career. Having joined the industry as an ADI 11 years ago from a successful client-centred business background, Ray is now a Grade ‘A’ (51/51) ORDIT registered trainer and has been a Grade ‘A’ ADI since the first introduction of the Standards Check.

6-8pm, 16 March 2022

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Mindfulness – Falling awake at the wheel with San Harper

The Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers is led by San Harper who is a practising Grade A ADI and Mindfulness UK trained teacher who specialises in Mindfulness and Compassion in Driver Training. Like many of us, if someone tells San Harper she should try something new, she needs to know why! She’s not prepared to simply take their word for it.

6-8pm, 22 March 2022

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Ensuring the real you turns up on Standards check/Part three exam with Bob Morton

Bob Morton

All too often when speaking with ADI/PDI’s it seems the wheels came off during the session with the examiner in the back. For a myriad of reasons it seems, but when asked if what they did was what they would normally do on a lesson, the answer is very often “no”. This masterclass will help you develop ways of working that avoid these scenarios.

6-8pm, 30 March 2022

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Here’s some feedback from people who joined us last year

  • ‘Thoroughly enjoyed the 2hr Zoom S/C training session and it’s making me think more.’ Nigel
  • ‘Thank you for a very interesting and informative masterclass.’ Aris
  • ‘The workshop was very enjoyable.’ Natasha
  • ‘The Zoom call was excellent and I feel much more confident in what I need to do going forwards.’ Richard

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