Calling ADIs

The Honest Truth are offering subsidised and a number of FREE  subscriptions to their road safety resources. A national road…

Road Safety

Breaking down the figures

Looking at issues of regular breakdowns and road safety issues, tyres frequently top the lists. The latest research reveals that…

Road Safety

The wrong number

Phone use behind the wheel remains a driving issue. According to new research from the RAC more drivers are admitting…

Road Safety

Tuning in to young drivers

A new digital audio advert featuring BBC and Netflix TV stars is being launched for a new THINK! campaign. It encourages…

Road Safety

Holes in government policy

Despite government statements over the last 12 months, our road network is getting worse. Cancelling the continuation of the HS2…

Legislation & Regulation

Immediate bans

Police traffic officers should have the power to disqualify drivers at the roadside. This is the view of police chiefs…

Road Safety

More and better cameras

New roadside camera technology is proving to be an important new tool for catching illegal drivers. The cameras are capable…

Teaching & Training

Have your say on driving test booking

From the DVSA: We have launched a survey for you to help us better understand yours and your pupils car…

Road Safety

Dicing with danger

In 2021, more than 6,500 UK drivers were in serious car crashes. The number of these who were young drivers…

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