Road Safety


Join the live launch from the Guardia Civil in Madrid via the Twitter broadcast
Road Safety

Family release shocking video to highlight mobile phone danger

There's no doubt there has been a push in awareness campaigns about using a mobile phone whilst driving. But is enough being done? 

Off their trolley? New scheme looks at ‘Stackable Cars’

The new concept has been unveiled in Glasgow as part of the European Commission's Green Vehicles Sub-Programme of Horizon 2020

France world cup winning captain prosecuted for drink driving

Spurs and France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has been hit with a £50,000 fine and has been banned from driving for 20months

What impact will Brexit have on our industry?

There's little doubt many industries are waiting with bated breath, but recent announcement make interesting reading
Technology & Innovation

Apple announce new iPhone range

So the annual fuss and secrecy of the Apple hardware conference has  given us 3 new iPhone models and a new Apple Watch.
Legislation & Regulation

UK Governement to ‘lead from the front’ on zero-emission cars

Sky News report that the prime minister is to announce various eco led commitments to change the face of driving in the UK
Legislation & Regulation

How drivers can be fined for speeding even if they weren’t behind the wheel

Driver's could face 6 points and a fine of up to £1,000 if accurate details of the actual driver isn't given

Waistlines of cars now under the spotlight

Are wider cars more practical, creating more space or are we going through a phase of design preference?