Road Safety

A hole in the plan

There needs to be a national strategic approach to repairing the nation’s roads. According to a new analysis conducted by…

Technology & Innovation

Careful of QR codes

Motorists are being urged to avoid QR phishing scams. Recent reports have highlighted a disturbing trend-the rapid increase of QR…

Road Safety

Not in the driving seat

Self-driving vehicles could be on British roads by 2026. That’s the government’s view after its Automated Vehicles (AV) Act became…

Road Safety

A call for political action on road safety

Road Safety GB has put its support behind a new road safety manifesto aimed at parliament. It sets out four…

Road Safety

Generational divide in attitudes to drug driving

More than a fifth of motorists (22%) aged 17-34 believe it is okay to drive after using Class A drugs.…

Teaching & Training

Journey to independence

Candidates for the driving test travel longer distances to ensure a test spot. Thousands are travelling over 100 miles each…


Double delights

The Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England, once again hosted two of the most exhilarating events in the automotive world:…


Navigating driver training

The groundbreaking Driving Instructor Convention proved to be a huge networking success. The event provided a day of high quality, focused…


Two wheels too fast

The government is introducing legislation to prosecute cyclists who kill or injure through dangerous or careless cycling. Ministers backed a…

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