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Driver testing and industrial action

DVSA CEO letter to ADIs to update on progress of recovery and industrial action:   Dear colleague, I am writing…


Instructors out in record numbers at the National Conference & Expo ’21

Thank you for joining us for another fantastic event!

Off-set your motoring footprint

A new way to breathe easier about driving. The company NET-HERO has launched an interesting new platform for motorists. Operating…


New cars for new drivers

Whether we agree with it or not, learning to drive is seen as expensive. In truth, learning to play the…


The electric revolution continues

A new YouGov study of 1,731 UK has finds that 61% of UK drivers are seriously considering an EV in…


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Highly Rated

A new online digital app for driving instructors combines the benefits of upfront payments by learners, a clear efficient diary…

Teaching & Training

Standards Check update

From the DVSA:   Prioritising standards checks Dear colleague, Recently we announced that we are changing the way we prioritise…


Fuel prices accelerate

The average price of a litre of petrol and diesel continues its voracious rise. In September the rises mean a…


New car sales 20 year low

New car registrations are at there lowest level for 20 years. The semiconductor shortage is receiving much of the blame.…