Road Safety

Road Safety

Slow understanding of speed

Is the introduction of 20mph zones popular? It would seem from the headline over previous months that they are not.…

Road Safety

Shocking realities of road safety training

What is the best way to convey the very real dangers of driving to young people? It’s a question that…


The winter high road

As we brace for the chilled winds of winter affecting most of us this weekend after an unusually mild Autumn,…

Road Safety

Red mist

Four fifths of motorists feel intimidated behind the wheel, with ‘tailgating’ ranking top as the main driver behind stress and…

Road Safety

Who’s watching

As we find an increasing amount of our lives lives are being monitored, fears of ‘Big Brother’ and the invasive…

Road Safety

Speeds rising

Road deaths and serious injuries caused by driver speed rose significantly last year. This is the conclusion of analysis of…

Government Investment

Filling holes

The ‘biggest ever’ road resurfacing programme has been announced byn the government. £8.3 billion of funds has been allocated by…

Road Safety

Talking speed

A common sense approach to speed limits is vital, says leading national breakdown provider Start Rescue as Road Safety Week…

Road Safety

Common sense driver prep

Have a safe TRIP this Autumn and Winter heads the latest advice on road safety from the Highways Agency. It…

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