Road Safety

Road Safety

Tougher driving tests

Motoring experts want to see tougher practical driving tests to reduce crashes on UK roads. There are calls for learners…

Road Safety

Wood for the trees

As motorists spend more and more time assessing the road surface, they can easily miss out on other essentials of…

Road Safety

A vision

Almost 30 years ago, a revolutionary idea changed how Europe regarded road collisions. It has probably saved countless lives, but…


Avoiding the cost of insurance

  As the price of insurance cover for new young drivers continues to soar, more and more are looking to…

Road Safety

Driving standards falling

Drivers believe driving standards are falling. A new poll has found that more than half of drivers admit they’ve tailgated…

Road Safety

Casualties down

The latest official figures reveal a drop in road deaths during 2023. There were 1,645 road fatalities in 2023, compared…

Road Safety

You couldn’t make it up

The extraordinary behaviour of some drivers continues to shock. Footage shared comes from the cab of an unmarked HGV used…

Road Safety

Walking the school run

Encouraging more walking to school is being hampered by speeding drivers. Research has found that ‘unsafe driving speeds’ are preventing…

Road Safety

Bumps in the night

Male teenage drivers are most likely to be acting recklessly behind the wheel in the early hours. This is particularly…

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