Not conviced

Despite electric vehicles becoming more prevalent, many potential buyers remain unconvinced about switching from their petrol or diesel vehicles. According…


Warming up for big events

It’s going to be a summer of sport, and as the excitement builds, so do the levels of preparation. While…


Double delights

The Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England, once again hosted two of the most exhilarating events in the automotive world:…


Two wheels too fast

The government is introducing legislation to prosecute cyclists who kill or injure through dangerous or careless cycling. Ministers backed a…


GDL Bill introduced to Parliament

A new bill has been introduced to Parliament, calling for the introduction of Graduated Driving Licences (GDLs). The idea is…


Park at your peril

Being issued a parking fine is usually an unwelcome surprise accompanied by unexpected costs. It’s easy to be caught off-guard…


Buy buy, sell sell

For most of us, buying cars is a practical and professional choice. However, for many, purchasing and owning different cars…


Crashing the capital

While every road has risks, and defensive driving is the safest approach, there’s no postcode standardisation for risk. New research…


Time to hang up

Researchers and academics again call for banning all mobile phone use by drivers. Further research and its results confirm previous…

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