Top 100

We were delighted to announce our Top 100 driving instructors in the Intelligent Instructor Awards 2023 in association with AcciDON’T Driving School. Can you improve your position the year, or break in to the top 100?

Rank ADI Driving School Name Region
1 Steph Coulson Xpert Driver Training Yorkshire and The Humber
2 Martin Caswell Acclaim Motor School South East
3 Kelyon Ross Kel’s Driving School London
4 Kevin Jones Pass with KLJ Wales
5 Sergiu Ardelean AA Driving School East of England
6 Vaughn Whereat Learn with Vern South West
7 Sandy Hillan Dash Driver Training Scotland
8 Sam Malik Lesson Plus Driving School East Midlands
9 Suzanne OBrien The Driving Academy North West
10 Joanna Pemberton Jo’s Driving School West Midlands
11 Les Hopkinson Les Hopkinson Driver Training North East
12 Terry Cook TC Drive Yorkshire and The Humber
13 Louisa O’Connor Moss School of Motoring South East
14 Ricky Tang 123 Eco Drive London
15 Paul Connelly PJC Driver Training East of England
16 Paul Kellow Easy Drive South West
17 Lisa Howells Pass with Lisa Wales
18 Andrew Hansen Andrew Hansen Driving School Scotland
19 John Phillipson Driving Skills Academy East Midlands
20 Moazzam Hussain MDT Driver Training North West
21 Samia Rashid Samia Driving School West Midlands
22 Ellis Wood Driving With Ellis North East
23 Sayful Ahmed Sayf Driving Yorkshire and The Humber
24 Catherine Stacey System Driving East of England
25 Stephen Loveridge Loveridge School of Motoring West Midlands
26 Stephen Arnold Stephen Arnold School of Motoring Wales
27 Stuart Craigen Aberdrive School of Motoring Scotland
28 Ceci Streets AA Driving School London
29 Lee Benson SLM School of Motoring East Midlands
30 Alex Doyle The Green Cat Driving School North West
31 Martin Forward RED Driving School South East
32 Kirsty Meredith Driven2pass South West
33 John Denholm Pass N Go Driving School North East
34 Nicky Harris The Driving Academy Yorkshire and The Humber
35 Jason Kirk CJ’s Driving Academy East Midlands
36 Paul Kerr Paul Kerr Driving School London
37 Christian Borchardt A2B Driving School South West
38 Sheena Ahmed Motorvation School of Motoring Wales
39 Lewis Reeve Elite Driving Academy North West
40 Mark Tonks Mark’s Driver Training West Midlands
41 Paul Watson Pauls School of Motoring West Midlands
42 Alan Blake Pass N Go Driving School North East
43 Mechelle Mitchell The Academy of Driving London
44 Andrew Sinker Pass N Go Driving School Yorkshire and The Humber
45 Jim Primrose Primrose Driving School Scotland
46 Anthony Georgiou GGO Driving School East of England
47 Walter McKelvie McKelvie Driving School Scotland
48 Louise Venn DTS Driving School East of England
49 Angela Payne Angela Payne Driving South East
50 Anthony Gee Hive Driving School North West
51 Mark Eastwood Let’s Drive East Midlands
52 Matt Hensley MSM Driving School South East
53 Darren Baker Darren’s Automic Driving Wales
54 Kelly Moss Moss School of Motoring South East
55 Hugh Davies Valley School of Motoring Wales
56 Jayne Sorrell Jayne Sorrell Driving School Yorkshire and The Humber
57 Alison Saggars East of England
58 Danni Pomeroy Driving Skills Academy East Midlands
59 Vicky Folland Vicky’s Driving Tuition North East
60 Claire Denton Dreams Driving South East
61 Peter Skelton Peter Skeleton Driving School South East
62 Charlotte Williams Honk School of Motoring South East
63 Jeff Dowsett EVO Driver Training South East
64 Karoy Biricz You Drive School of Motoring Yorkshire and The Humber
65 Shazad Ahmed ADI Shaz London
66 Roderick Pike BSM South East
67 Jason Morrison Routine Driving School South East
68 Aimee Cook Aimee Lou’s Driving School South East
69 Carla Hartman Carla’s Driving School South East
70 Anjum Khan SWM School of Motoring South East
71 Steve Wright Besafe-Drivesafe South West
72 Michael Gambin Numero Uno London
73 Aadil Afridi FM School of Motoring East of England
74 Shabnam Nadeem Bill Plant Driving School South East
75 Danny Steen Flying Colours Wales
76 Jeff Tuck DriveBug East of England
77 Susan Smith Jigsaw Driving School South East
78 Andy Ogborne Ogborne To Drive Wales
79 Dean Thomas Passout Driving School East of England
80 Jess Wake Caledonian Learner Driving Training School Scotland
81 Claire Miller Intense Drive East of England
82 Barry Moss Moss School of Motoring South East
83 Khurshed Roni AA Driving School London
84 Murray Walker RED Driving School East Midlands
85 Melanie Fox Melanie Fox Driving Tuition East Midlands
86 Chris Allsopp Moose Driving East Midlands
87 Nick Cook Nick Cook’s Most Excellent Driving School East Midlands
88 Peter Hulatt Hulatt Automatic Driving Academy East Midlands
89 Chris Barker Driving Skills Academy East Midlands
90 Richard Jordan Excel Driver Training East Midlands
91 Joe Bangudu Uncle Joe Driving School North West
92 Chris Greer Greer’s Gears Driving School Scotland
93 Doreen Morrison Doreen’s School of Motoring North West
94 Alex Gamble Alex School of Motoring East Midlands
95 Toby Offord Toby’s Driving School South East
96 Zunaid Abba Focal Driving Academy East Midlands
97 Clive Wright Let’s Instruct East Midlands
98 George Simpson Weekend Wheels Driving School East Midlands
99 Alan Johnson Alby’s School of Motoring East Midlands
100 Steph Mardell Wye Drive West Midlands


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