Legislation & Regulation

Legislation & Regulation

Coronavirus (COVID-19): driving tests and theory tests – Update for test bookings and theory test certificates

Theory test certificate expiry dates will not be extended
Legislation & Regulation

Coronavirus (COVID-19): driving tests and theory tests – Update for critical workers

Theory tests are suspended for one month, and driving tests are suspended for up to 3 months due to coronavirus - but tests are available for critical workers
Legislation & Regulation

Persistent drink-drivers ’not getting the message’ says IAM RoadSmart

The Department for Transport’s (DFT) provisional estimates for 2018 show that between 220 and 270 people were killed in crashes…

Legislation & Regulation

Online service to help drivers and businesses prepare for the introduction of clean air zones released

The vehicle checker will allow drivers to find out if they will be affected by the change which will charge…

Legislation & Regulation

The True Cost of a Call: Why using a Phone Could Cost Drivers £900

The overall cost of being caught using a handheld mobile while you’re driving could be up to £900, compared with…

Legislation & Regulation

AA crews instructed not to stop on smart motorways

Earlier this month, the BBC’s Inside Out programme featured a segment on smart motorways, during which former AA patrolman of…

Legislation & Regulation

A sign of things to come in the UK? Isle of Man will tax electric vehicles in 2020

A new electric vehicle tax will hit the Isle of Man from April 2020 to cover lost fuel tax revenue from petrol and diesel vehicles.
Legislation & Regulation

Roadside litter: Law change could see car owners fined

A law could be changed to punish people who throw litter out of car windows, putting highway workers' lives at risk.
Legislation & Regulation

Over 2.4m drivers caught speeding last year — and cameras nab 98% of them

Home Office data revealed driving too fast made up 84% of the 2.84million motoring offences recorded in the year to April