Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

Autumn Highway Code springs to life

Changes to the Highway Code will give pedestrians and cyclists greater priority over cars. Under the current code, motorists only…

Legislation & Regulation

Further clarity on Highway Code changes

The Highway Code will be updated later this year. There will be new guidance to improve road safety for cyclists,…

Legislation & Regulation

Licence points gain more strength

Up to 46 UK motorists with more than 30 points on their licence are still legally behind the wheel. DVLA…

Legislation & Regulation

Councils gain new traffic control powers

Councils outside London will be given powers to enforce so-called moving traffic offences from December. The Government confirmed the changes.…

Legislation & Regulation

A green light instead of blue

Almost three-quarters of people believe a lack of road traffic officers is making it easier for drivers to get away…

Legislation & Regulation

Litter louts and lay-byes

The motto ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ appears to be a road sign lost on some drivers. Every year, around 30 million…

Legislation & Regulation

Birmingham breathes

Birmingham has launched England’s first clean air zone (CAZ) outside London. However, within a minute of its launch, penalties were…

Legislation & Regulation

Euro Driving fines league

Driving around countries in Europe, friends in tow, is a dream for many when they learn to drive. However, not…

Legislation & Regulation

Support for average speed cameras

A new survey of motorists has found more than half would support the use of more average speed cameras on…