Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

Go slow in road safety

  Brexit is allowing the government to slow down road safety improvements rather than speed them up. The Parliamentary Advisory…


Driving health

DVLA policy changes to the list of eye conditions affecting drivers coming in the next few weeks. Failure to inform…

Legislation & Regulation

Failing fitness tests

An MOT is a legally required annual inspection for all vehicles. Yet motorists are failing to comply despite facing a…

Legislation & Regulation

Sentences draw the line

The Sentencing Council has published 12 new and revised sentencing guidelines for offenders convicted of motoring offences in England and…

Road Safety

Convictions for, speeding rise

The courts have been busy with motorists over the last year, according to the latest statistics. While the number of…

Teaching & Training

The conference not to be missed

The industry’s National Conference is coming along the road at pace. With the summer heat beginning to climb, school holidays…

Road Safety

Hands Up

Hands free mobile phone use behind the wheel is again making the headlines. An opinion piece on the Road Safety…

Legislation & Regulation

Driving licence change

The government has published the results of its consultation of changes to the driving licence. Following Brexit and in light…

Road Safety

New junction designs

A recently completed research project has identified two side road crossing designs that encourage drivers to give way to people…

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