Legislation & Regulation

Teaching & Training

DVSA statement on the Highway Code

The DVSA statement on the proposed changes to the Highway Code: From 29 January rules for all types of road…

Teaching & Training

NASP comments on Highway Code changes

In response to feedback and concern expressed about forthcoming changes to the Highway Code, the National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP)…


Highway Code update

Major changes to the Highway Code take effect from Saturday (January 29). The new rules are ‘aimed at improving road…

Legislation & Regulation

Drivers’ blind to their legal responsibility

New research reveals that 65% of drivers don’t know the legal eyesight requirement set by the DVLA. The figure comes…

Road Safety

Injured e-scooter rider landmark case

A man who was injured after a bus knocked him off an e-scooter he was riding illegally is seeking an insurance…


Plugging in to pay per mile

The Mayor of London has envisaged the introduction of road user charging across the capital. At present, Transport for London…

Teaching & Training

Who knows about the Highway Code changes?

Concerns are being raised about the new changes to the Highway Code coming into force this month. The changes, confirmed…

Legislation & Regulation

New licences and number plates

Marking the first anniversary of Brexit, the government is changing driving licences and number plate designs. The EU flag has…


Road tax evasion up

Newly published figures reveal the number of untaxed vehicles is on the rise. Some 1.9% of vehicles (up from 1.6%…

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