Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

Traffic officers equipped with body cameras

Traffic officers patrolling National Highways’ roads now have body-worn cameras. It is a first for the officers and comes after…

Road Safety

Blinded by the light

Headlights are becoming increasingly dazzling and regulations are out of date. The overwhelming majority (89%) of drivers say car headlights…

Legislation & Regulation

Helping teach the new Highway Code

More help is now available to help drivers understand the changes to the Highway Code. THINK! has added a series…

Road Safety

Call for cameras to catch more dodgy drivers

UK motorists support the use of safety camera technology to check for insurance, MOT and road tax offences. These are…

Legislation & Regulation

Covid restrictions in Wales

From the DVSA: Face coverings are still a legal requirement during vocational training and driving tests in Wales in line…

Road Safety

Two seconds to safety

Drivers have been warned against the dangers of tailgating. This comes amid concerns that huge numbers of motorists are failing…

Legislation & Regulation

End to Covid restrictions

From the DVSA: We are lifting COVID-19 restrictions affecting driving and theory tests in England from today (1st March) in…

Road Safety

More drunk drivers

Drink drive figures remain ‘disappointing’. IAM RoadSmart believes the latest Department for Transport (DfT) figures reveal a decade of no…

Legislation & Regulation

39ft and raking in cash

Short sharp shock treatment for London drivers. In just two years, nearly 8,000 motorists have received fines for driving into…