Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

The wrong way

Vehicles being driven the wrong way on England’s motorways rose to almost 900 in the last 12 months. This is…

Legislation & Regulation

Fitness to drive

The DVLA is looking to revitalise the driver licensing system for those with medical conditions. Roads minister Richard Holden describes…


Constant speeding

Half (50%) of car drivers broke the speed limit on 30mph roads. This compares to 45% on motorways and 11%…


Fuel price comparison

A new government initiative to force petrol retailers to display daily fuel prices online is pointless. That’s the view of…

Technology & Innovation

Automatic prosecution

AI technology is working well at catching dangerous drivers. New cameras aimed at catching drivers using their mobile phone behind…

Legislation & Regulation

Cut the noise

Drivers want to see illegally loud vehicle owners prosecuted. According to new RAC research, the majority of motorists want to…

Legislation & Regulation

Eyes in the sky

Drones could become the latest technology deployed to catch offenders on the road. According to a report in My London,…

Legislation & Regulation

Common practice

Millions of UK drivers are risking fines and even points on their licence by knowingly breaking rules of the road.…

Legislation & Regulation

CCTV should not be seen as a traffic warden

The use of CCTV as evidence for issuing parking fines has been deemed unlawful. The landmark ruling came against Transport…

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