Legislation & Regulation

Road Safety

Watching the speedo

True compliance with speed limits in the UK have been revealed using evidence from connected vehicles. As cars become more…

Road Safety

Pace painting

Can dodgy paint work slow down speeders? That’s the question being tested by angry French townspeople. A group of residents…

Road Safety

Think again

The government is re-launching its road safety campaign tool to help improve road safety. It’s central theme reminds people to…


Blue, green and red

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) have become a political battle ground in the run up to next year’s expected general election.…

Road Safety

Topping up

New figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) suggest an estimated 260 drink drive deaths on Britain’s roads in 2021.…

Road Safety

E-scooters need regulating

The Prime Minister has been sent a letter demanding urgent action on regulation of e-scooters. It has been signed by…

Road Safety

Degrees of influence

A new phased driving licensing system for young and newly qualified drivers gains support. New research finds that the majority…

Road Safety

Road workers under attack

Senior figures from National Highways are urging drivers to respect those working on the road. New figures for the east…


Premium is best

The ongoing question of whether to pay extra at the pump for premium fuels has been answered. This follows a…

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