Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

Careful of QR codes

Motorists are being urged to avoid QR phishing scams. Recent reports have highlighted a disturbing trend-the rapid increase of QR…

Road Safety

Not in the driving seat

Self-driving vehicles could be on British roads by 2026. That’s the government’s view after its Automated Vehicles (AV) Act became…

Teaching & Training

Secrets and theory

Candidates who failed their driving theory test have highlighted what went wrong and what they wish they had done differently.…

Road Safety

Election for change

As local and national elections loom, several motoring organisations have drawn up policy wish lists. These hope to prompt the…


I screen, you screen, we all scream

The evolution of tech interfaces in our cars is not appealing to drivers. Knobs, buttons and touchscreens – what is…

Road Safety

Failure of smart technology

Despite repeated government assurances and substantial new investments, the safety of ‘smart’ motorways continues to be a recurring issue, raising…


Plugging in the public

A new trial seeks to encourage more drivers to choose electric vehicles (EVs). On-street, charging remains expensive and off-putting. However,…


A new EV future

After years of promises, the solution to range anxiety and the availability of more eco-friendly battery materials could be here.…


Stepping up

According to a new survey, learner drivers increasingly want to learn in an electric vehicle (EV). Frustrating them is the…

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