Technology & Innovation


EV buying incentives needed

The Government must step in with incentives for mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This is the conclusion of Auto…

Road Safety

Droning on about speed

Devon & Cornwall Police are using drones to help detect driving offences. According to a report by Vision Zero South…


Where are you going?

Most cars travel well under 15,000 miles a year. The latest figures comes from analysis of MOT test data. Field…


EVs on the scales

Multi-storey car parks could collapsing due to the weight of electric vehicles (EVs). The warning comes from experts looking at…

Road Safety

Preparing machines for humans

As we move slowly, but inevitably, to autonomous vehicles, how will they cope with unpredictable drivers? The major challenge is…


The increasing value of connected cars

Finding a parking space is an increasingly important part of any journey. As parking restrictions, fines and resident only parking…

Legislation & Regulation

A fine mess

Car exhausts systems are still failing to meet set targets for removing particulates. While the filters fitted remove the majority…


Size matters

Green NCAP has released a new report into the environmental friendliness of different electric and hybrid cars. The results of…

Teaching & Training

Pupils powering up for and electric future

Learner drivers are showing the way ahead when it comes to the future on the roads. The drive to learning…

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