Changing habits

Motorists are changing their driving habits to look after the environment. This is the conclusion of new research from The…


The green deal

Around two-thirds of non-EV drivers say they will still not be switching to an electric car any time soon. This…


Plugging in to 2024

As we enter 2024 there are a number of changes happening in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, so what will…

Technology & Innovation

Winter EV driving

Expert tips for EV drivers during the winter season Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here, and with its chilly embrace…


The sales

New car sales finally seem to be rallying after the pandemic effect. Hitting their highest level since the pandemic, some…


Short circuits

The official target for the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) charge points at motorway services has been missed. Every motorway…


Fuel price instability

The ongoing international instability continues to have repercussions for the price of fuel. While the effects of the Russian/Ukraine war…


Leaking fuel

As the squeeze on personal finances grips society tighter, it’s perhaps no surprise that desperation leads to more shoplifting. But…


EV manufacturing reprieve

Both the government and the motor manufacturing industry is breathing a sigh of relief today. An eleventh-hour deal has been…

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