Road Safety

Road Safety

Road deaths on an upward trend

New analysis reveals road collisions resulting in death or serious injury are on the rise in the UK. Churchill Motor Insurance…


Pothole costs continue to rise

Sir Rod Stewart is not the only driver struggling with potholes. New research reveals the increasingly costly damage caused by…


GEM looks for road safety champions to celebrate

GEM Motoring Assist is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2022. As part of the celebrations it is looking to reward…

Road Safety

Clunky clicking

There’s a ‘stark contrast’ between younger and older drivers who always wear a seat belt. This is the conclusion of…

Teaching & Training

Get cycle savvy

From the DVSA: There is still time to take part in the Cycle Savvy pilot project and get access to…

Road Safety

20mph national speed limit by accident

The 20mph speed limit in built up areas is fast becoming the national norm. That is the conclusion of the…

Road Safety

Calls to cover new tech in driving tests

IAM RoadSmart is calling for the education of automated technology to be included in the UK driving test. They believe…

Road Safety

Traffic officers equipped with body cameras

Traffic officers patrolling National Highways’ roads now have body-worn cameras. It is a first for the officers and comes after…

Road Safety

Blinded by the light

Headlights are becoming increasingly dazzling and regulations are out of date. The overwhelming majority (89%) of drivers say car headlights…

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