Road Safety

Legislation & Regulation

Immediate bans

Police traffic officers should have the power to disqualify drivers at the roadside. This is the view of police chiefs…

Road Safety

More and better cameras

New roadside camera technology is proving to be an important new tool for catching illegal drivers. The cameras are capable…

Road Safety

Dicing with danger

In 2021, more than 6,500 UK drivers were in serious car crashes. The number of these who were young drivers…

Road Safety

Keep Britain tidy and safe

Roadside litter is a problem we can see, but may not really understand. A big issue is the damage and…

Road Safety

Four legs, four wheels

The inability for motorists to pass horses on the road safely remains a big issue. Thousands of reported injuries has…

Road Safety

European dangers

New research has revealed the most dangerous European countries to drive in, with Romania coming out on top. The study…

Road Safety

Clumsy driver capitals

Cold, rainy weather and other challenging road conditions can pose heightened risks for drivers. It amplifies the need for caution…

Road Safety

Kicking down the cobblestones

Banning parking on the pavement is back on the agenda, if it ever got off the kerb. The Local Government…

Road Safety

Space time continuum

Imagine redefining the concept of ‘stop, look and wait’ and finding it’s a life-saving mantra on our roads. The International…

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