Road Safety

Road Safety

Use it and lose it

Motorists increasingly support phone confiscation for drivers caught using mobiles behind the wheel. As the issue of phone use by…

Legislation & Regulation

Seeing red

The government’s recent ‘plan for drivers’ recommended the use of red flashing lights on breakdown and recovery vehicles. This will…


Belt up

According to many road safety professionals, seatbelts remain the most crucial step in keeping motorists safe. The fact is they…

Road Safety

Seeing the light

The government has decided to conduct a study into drivers being dazzled by headlights. Two recent reports by The RAC…

Road Safety

Getting there

Where would the modern motorist be without the sat nav? It’s a question I know I have asked myself when…

Road Safety


Motorists could be unknowingly invalidating their car insurance. There are many concerns about misinformation on insurance policies, leaving motorists uninsured.…

Road Safety

Damaging driving zones

New research of official data has revealed the areas of the country where you are more likely to be involved…

Road Safety

Causes of road collisions

 New research has revealed the top causes of road collisions in the UK. Studying the last decade of official figures…

Road Safety

Drive fast, die young

Young male drivers and excessive risk-taking, followed by death and carnage; it’s all too familiar a story. For all the…

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