More than three-quarters of UK drivers need their car to enable them to work, earn, and survive

High fuel prices are pushing UK drivers to their limit as the ‘cost of living crisis’ hits home. What’s more, the mini budget by the new Truss government has led to a collapse of the value of the pound on financial markets across the globe. It lost value against every foreign currency but in particular against the Dollar. With oil sold in Dollars, it means the cost of fuel in the UK is likely to see even more upward pressure that could see more price rises at the pumps. This in turn leads to greater inflation affecting the cost of all goods.

All ages affected

A new survey by finds that 76% of car owners admit they need to drive to survive. In essence, they cannot continue working without their cars.

The statistics give a real insight into how the spiralling cost of living, coupled with high fuel prices, is impacting the British public.

Data suggests that despite the crippling costs, many have no choice but continue to drive to get to work, or for their work. No car, no job.

The study shows that the 18-34 year old age group are the most adversely affected. A massive 84% state that they need their car to work.

The 35-55 year old age group is only slightly behind at 75%.  Even the over 55s (some of whom may well be retired) showed that 65% need to use their car to stay in work.

Going without

The research is particularly worrying in the current financial climate. Many UK drivers need to drive to survive and will be forced to look at cutting other costs. These may be groceries, heating or even essential car maintenance.

There are some slight geographic variations:

  • Glasgow is the city with the most people reliant on their cars for work, with 90% stating they need to run their car for work
  • Sheffield was just behind, with 89% of those surveyed saying their car was essential to their ability to work
  • Birmingham ranked third, witn 86% needing their car
  • Brighton, Edinburgh, and Newcastle all had over 80% of their drivers saying they needed to drive for work
  • Nottingham was the least affected city, with 59% needing their vehicle

Difficult decisions

Founder of, Nick Zapolski, says the research suggests that many people will face difficult decisions ahead.

“Our study proves that many people in the UK do need to drive to survive. They don’t have the luxury of deciding to leave their car off the road, so they’re forced to pay still too high fuel prices on top of everything else that’s going up in price.

“There are very concerning times ahead, and the working people of Britain will be the most affected.”