This Valentine’s Day many would rather spend time with their car than their partner.

These are the shocking results of a cheeky new survey by InsuretheGap.

After a year stuck inside four walls with ‘loved ones’ rather than out and enjoying the open road, perhaps it’s not a big surprise.

Scores on the doors

Over one in seven (16%) admit they would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their car than their partner, and almost one in 10 (9%) confess to loving their car more than their partner. In fact, 43% describe their car as ‘perfect’, saying they would not change anything about it.

A fifth of drivers (20%) describe their relationship with their car as ‘til death do us part’, while a third (33%) say it’s a ‘marriage of convenience’ only.

All in the name

Over a fifth (22%) named their name, and 30% give it a gender (an even split of male and female according to the study).

Car names were very personal with no duplications, from human names such as Rocco, Evie, Basil and Carrie to more automotive references from The Honk, Batmobile and TinTop.

Drivers are most likely to describe their cars as practical (45%), reliable (43%) and trustworthy (36%).

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office of, said: “As driving has become so restricted in the last year, it looks as though many still hanker after some quality time with their motors, with or without their partners!”