Founded in 1993, TTC has grown to become one of the UK’s largest road safety organisations. It recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, during which time it has become established as a leading provider of road safety training and services, involved in educating nearly 500,000 drivers and riders every year.


A large part of its work is through 14 UK Police Forces who have appointed the company to deliver retraining for ‘speeding’ and ‘drink drive’ offenders under the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) and the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) across the UK. Another important part of the company’s portfolio of work is in supporting business, working to reduce fleet operating costs and risk by improving driver safety and compliance with the law. These fleet risk and driver training services cover companies with commercial vehicles, PCVs and fleet vehicles through to grey-fleet drivers. Beyond this, the company has extended its work to vulnerable road users, becoming one of the largest cycle training organisations. It offers programmes for businesses and the nationally recognised ‘Bikeability (DfT)’ and ‘Balanceability’ courses for children of all ages. In 2018, it became the UK’s largest deliverer of the Vulnerable Road User on-road cycling element of FORS approved Driver CPC training.


The group believes its high levels of investment are testament to its passion for the work it does in road safety and road user protection, while it continues to work to raise the quality of its operations and leadership skills, while also committing to cultural, environmental and social responsibilities. Its National Trainer Panel of over 300 professionally qualified and highly experienced Trainers and Instructors is an important example of this dedication. Through regular recruitment, trainer engagement, quality assurance and professional development, the company believes it offers the highest standard of training, delivered in workshop and on-road environments. A large part of its success is based on this, but also its willingness to engage practically and productively with relevant experts and behavioural change specialists. This ensures its new courses and road safety services are based on sound up to date theories and proven practices, focusing on children when they first learn to balance and ride a bike, to safe independent walking, cycling safely to school, and supporting all the way through adult and senior life, driving, cycling and riding for work and personal commuting. Quality Assured to the highest international standards, TTC is one of only a handful of UK organisations to have been awarded the ISO:39001 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems accreditation.


As future generations independently travel through life, TTC believes it will continue to be best placed to continue delivering road safety messages and training to positively change people’s attitudes and behaviour, whatever the mode of transport involved. As in-vehicle technology upgrades and autonomous vehicles begin to become a reality, they have the determination and levels of investment to ensure they remain at the cutting edge of road safety, whatever the future demands.