News is beginning to gather pace about development and roll out of the new 5G network. This new technology will give our smartphones a real boost in performance and speed.

Most major device manufacturers are now working on including 5G capabilities in their 2019 smart phone release.

What is different about 5G?

When they arrive, 5G networks will be able to handle more data and connect more devices simultaneously and do this all at much faster speeds than is possible using existing technology. While current 4G download speeds max out at around 50 megabits per second – and in reality usually have speeds much lower than this – 5G networks have been demonstrated that run at up more than 100 times that speed.

In theory, this means that with a good 5G connection, you’d be able to stream a 4K video straight to your smartphone with no lag at all. 5G networks can also handle loads of devices at one time, which makes it particularly handy for connecting together lots of Internet of Things devices in smart buildings and cities.

But a crucial important benefit and risk to our industry is how cars will benefit from the new network. There is little doubt a self driving car would benefit (potentially require) a strong constant connection to the internet.

We should see benefits across the connected car world though, with better ability to update our onboard systems like sat nav, diagnostics and radios.

You can find out more about the upcoming 5G network on the website