A new type of electric vehicle (EV) charger that can deliver enough charge for 60 miles of driving in one minute.

It is being developed in Poland by Ekoenergetyka – Polska. They are working on a series of charging stations with the capacity to deliver charging speeds from 750 to 1500kW.

Range refined

The new system will be known as the Network of Ultrachargers (NeU). These will launch in Germany and Poland by the end of 2023.

Initially, the chargers will have a capacity of 750kW. This is enough to provide 60 miles of range in one minute in the average passenger car. A 250 mile charge will take four minutes.

Company president, Dagmara Duda, says the company can “create and improve technologies and products that allow us to dynamically develop electromobility”. He added that this applies to “all market segments, regardless of the location”.

On your way soon

The UK will have to wait, with the new chargers set for Germany and Poland first. However, by the end of 2023, Ekoenergetyka and its partners will launch a network comprising 22 charging stations. The hubs will be located in the vicinity of motorways and in several urban centres. It aims to serve, among others, utility vehicles and municipal services.

The company has been designing and producing fast charging stations for EVs for 12 years. So far, the company has launched more than 1200 charging stations in 130 cities in 18 countries. The latest development would be a significant step change in practicality of EVs.