The ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo is growing ever near, and we’re delighted to announce the next 6 speakers!

The speakers are:

Ian McIntosh – CEO, RED Driving School. “Driving in a 5G World”

Nick Moger – Founder, Marmalade. “Passing the driving test is an amazing milestone – but practice and developing driving skills should not stop there!”

Lin Western – Head of Training, ADINJC. “Driving into the Future” & “The Driving Test Explained Assessment & Marking”

Jacqui Turland – DVSA Registrar. “DVSA Q+A”

Susan McCormack – Managing Director, Tri-Coaching Partnership. “A model for goal-setting and managing the risk.”

If you would like to sign up for free for the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo, please visit our events page here.