The poll revealed 87% of driving instructors felt their learner drivers needed an eye test and 90% of poll respondents went on to say they think everyone should have an eye test before learning to drive.

The survey also revealed that 75% of learner drivers have had problems with glare from headlights, 71% of learner drivers have had problems with heavy rain and a staggering 91% of learner drivers have had problems with dazzling sunlight.

According to the Intelligent Instructor poll, glare from headlights is the biggest distraction from driving.

This Road Safety Week, ZEISS are urging budding and qualified drivers to make sure their eyes are road ready.

As we head into winter there is more likelihood of drivers facing these challenging conditions due to shorter days and worsening weather. Glare and dazzle caused by car headlights at night can be a real challenge when driving. Disability glare from headlights is of particular concern as this can affect visual performance which can seriously impact driving performance. With this in mind Eye Care Practitioners must take care to ensure we are fully meeting this challenge. Regular eye tests and lenses that support the visual needs of drivers are key for ensuring people feel confident when driving in all conditions.” Paul Hopkins, Professional Services Manager and Optometrist at ZEISS Vision Care UK.

As any driver will know, there are a number of challenges when you are out on the road, and eyesight shouldn’t be one of them.

ZEISS have designed an everyday lens optimised for driving, to help drivers feel more confident when out on the road. In a research project with Aston University, we found 82% of wearers agree that they feel more confident driving in all weather conditions[1] with ZEISS DriveSafe lenses.

To find out more about DriveSafe lenses go here and to Find an Optician, follow this link.

* Intelligent Instructor poll of 374 instructors, delivered in partnership with ZEISS, November 2020.

[1] Based on a consumer survey conducted with 105 existing ZEISS DriveSafe Lens wearers, 82% agreed, strongly agreed or

completely agreed, the lenses helped them feel more confident driving in all weather conditions.