The Ministry of justice has confirmed a total of 148 prisoners had been granted day release to either take driving lessons or take their driving test.

In a very small number of cases, the taxpayer has picked up the bill, however this is a drop in the ocean, if it helps rehabilitate that individual and stop them from re-offending.

The questionable cases are the 24 individuals  who had been given life sentences for crimes that could include murder! Whilst we appreciate life doesn’t always mean life these days and that an individual needs positive things to improve mindset, should this type of criminal be allowed to control a vehicle in public?

We’ve heard from some instructors on Facebook who have been involved in these schemes, but the general consensus is that the ADI would need to be given as much information as possible about the individual, before being able to make a decision on whether they are prepared to give tuition.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “All prisoners are thoroughly risk-assessed before being allowed out of prison on temporary release and, when they are taking a driving lesson or test, they are only permitted to do so if this is required to help their rehabilitation, for example, by improving future employment prospects, thus reducing their likelihood of re-offending.

“All prisoners of working age are required to work in prison and carrying out this function helps with resettlement as well as helping with the efficient functioning of the prison, for example by driving other prisoners to their work and training placements. By providing opportunities to work, learn and build family ties, temporary release helps with the resettlement of offenders.

“The general policy is the prisoner should pay for their own lessons and tests, although, exceptionally, the prison may provide a contribution where the need for the lessons has been identified as part of the prisoner’s sentence plan but they cannot meet the cost alone.”

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