We’re looking for an innovative piece of technology, software or an in-car product which help ADIs improve the learning to drive experience, keeping learners safe or encouraging better driving. The product could be high-tech or simple, but ingenious. From dash cams to sat navs, from apps to learning aids. Aimed at learners or ADI, or both! It could be well established and have developed to adapt to the market over the past 12 months or it could be a new launch.


Blue Light Aware

Fire engine coming! What should I do? The approach of an emergency vehicle can fluster even experienced motorists. For learners it can really lead to panic and confusion. Enter Blue Light Aware, the new set of 10 short video animations covering situations where confusion can occur, and offering simple tips for staying legal and safe.


BriteAngle LED Warning Triangle

The BriteAnglehas revolutionised roadside safety and given new drivers greater confidence in the event their vehicle breaks down or they need to pull over.It can be seen from up to 300m away, significantly reducing the time it takes for the driver of an oncoming vehicle to react.


BSM Virtual Reality Driving Instructor Training

BSM’s Virtual Reality (VR) driving instructor training product enables future instructors to complete their training within as little as six months. At £999, this cost-effective training is delivered through VR headsets and immersive classroom sessions all complemented by quality in-car tuition.



Cabung is a simple but effective way to stop drivers and passengers dropping items down the side of their seat and encourage safer driving.

confident drivers

Confident Drivers Website

Confident Drivers is a self-help and information website for individual drivers and ADIs. It offers a range of free and paid resources including online courses and a variety of effective techniques to help manage driving stress, nerves and anxiety as well as offering solutions for driving test nerves.

He-Man Dual Control Systems

He-Man Dual Controls are a fundamental piece of equipment, in maintaining the safety of driving instructors and students in the United Kingdom and internationally. He-Man is the world leader in dual control systems, and has become the industry standard –the name is synonymous with pedals for safe driving tuition.

Learn to drive

Learn To Drive…An Easier Way

Simplified. Jargon-free and clear explanations to help you to become a safe, competent and confident driver in any situation.

NextBase_622-T3 and AE Awards 2_bk

Nextbase 622GW 4K

The Nextbase 622GW 4K model is our latest Dash Cam release. This is marketed as the ‘ultimate Dash Can’ due to it’s world’s first features, including, what3words, Image Stabilisation and Extreme Weather Mode. It has been recognised with numerous awards including Auto Express Product Awards 2020 and T3 Best Dash Cam 2020.


Teach Driving In 3D

A range of products for driving instructors and pupils alike, ranging from ‘physical books’ to digital products. These products are designed to help increase the learning curve for the pupil and the teach driving allows the skills of the instructor to bring the pictures to life.

Total drive

Total Drive 

Total Drive is a dedicated app for driving instructors and their pupils. Instructors can manage lessons through the diary, recording each pupils progress, payments, reflective logs and driving details. The all-in-one app also integrates used for running a driving school, with digital finances, message centre and taking in-app payments.


WeDrive Platform

Built to comprehensively serve all user needs for both the UK’s 40,000 ADIs and millions of new learners continually entering the market, WeDrive is the revolutionary total SaaS (Software as a Service)-based, open data-driven, cloud-enabled, web-and-app-platform, designed as the complete solution for the next generation of learner and their instructors.

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