With the ever increasing amount of footage being captured by dash cams, Nextbase have teamed up with 19 police forces to launch a new not-for-profit National Dash Cam Safety Portal. That leaves 26 forces still to be signed up.

We see a raft of videos shared on Social Media of let’s say less than sympathetic to learners just starting on their journey. The new system will require any footage submitted to not be shared on social media as it may impact the investigation. Overall this feels like a positive step forward, and should bring more dangerous drivers to justice.

So what sort of footage should you be submitting and what’s covered by the new system?

Well here’s the official line –

NDSP caters for a broad range of road incidents including dangerous driving, using a mobile phone, driving without due care and attention, careless driving, overtaking on solid white lines, not in proper control, traffic light contravention or any other road traffic offence provided it is clearly made out in the submitted media. Source: https://www.nextbase.co.uk/ndsp-faq/

It will certainly be interesting to see whether the volume of reports made will be shared and how much resource is going to be required to review these cases?!

You can find out more info about NDSP via the website – https://www.nextbase.co.uk/ndsp-faq/