Becoming an ADI is a fantastic career choice. You are providing an essential service to society, learning professional teaching skills that give individuals autonomy and help them to realise their dreams. Meanwhile, you can earn a good income, in a flexible and self-determined business, whilst positively contributing to saving lives and reducing the unnecessary carnage on the roads. As a driving instructor, you make a huge difference to the improvement of road safety. That is something to truly be proud of, and it’s an occupation that deserves genuine respect.

Becoming a driver trainer is more than just about sitting in the passenger seat and giving instructions to nervous teenagers behind the wheel. The work and the people you teach are as varied as anything you can imagine. This is what makes it both an exciting and fulfilling area of work, as well as challenging and demanding.

To make a success of this, you begin by getting a grip of the subject matter, learn effective teaching skills, and be open to seeing and accepting new perspectives.  So, as you start out on this journey, there is no better co-pilot to have in the passenger seat than Bill Lavender.

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Bill has decades of experience in driver training, first qualifying as an ADI in 1982. He worked his way up the ladder with the original driving school, BSM (British School of Motoring). From teaching new drivers, he became responsible for developing the company’s learning resources and helping train new ADIs. He set up National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) and BTEC awards within the BSM business before going on to run his own driver training business, driving school, and consultancy service.

Now working in the training of emergency response drivers, principally with the ambulance service, he also specialises in Continuing Professional Development for ADIs, along with Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) for professional bus and lorry drivers.  It is difficult to think of any areas in this industry that Bill has not experienced, been involved in, or left his stamp on.

His latest book, “How to become a Driver Trainer” provides a clear and unique guide to joining this important industry.  Utilising his extensive knowledge, hands-on experience, and effective writing skills, he provides you with a clear path to training success, ongoing achievements, and a rewarding career in driver training.

If you want to become a good ADI or give your current performance a boost, this is the book for you. Bill’s deep understanding and wide experience of the industry, along with his informative and honest writing style, makes him the perfect authority on how to be a great driver trainer. Using Bill’s insider strategies will be sure to put you on the road to success.

Words by Paul Caddick, Intelligent Instructor

Book highlights

  • Teaching alternatives – beyond MSM … using Mind Maps
  • Driver behaviour – it’s about more than skill
  • How do learners learn and how to develop client centred learning
  • How to become a “Grade A” driver trainer
  • Standards Check advice
  • What is the future of driver training?

– Is it a good career?

– How might the trainee license change?

– How about the Electric Revolution – Is the future Automatic

“I would certainly recommend this book to anyone training to become a driver trainer or an instructor looking to update their skills. It’s very informative and written in an easy-to-understand style. It’s great to see a new guide that can benefit and help the industry.”   Lynne Barrie MA, Past Chair ADINJC

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