For learners and new drivers, passing the test is one thing, but getting access to wheels is there other key concern.
There will always be debate over whether they should be driving the newest safest cars.
However, cost is a big hurdle, and second-hand is usually the road they will take.


No old bangers

Uswitch has conducted a new study to revealed the most desirable second-hand cars.
When it comes to affordability, the ever popular Fiat 500 ranks top!
Looking at the data, Uswitch analysed factors such as average median used price to uncover the second-hand cars considered most affordable.

The Most Affordable Second-Hand Cars



Median used price


Fiat 500



Toyota Aygo



Kia Picanto



Citroën C3



Ford EcoSport






Renault Clio



Ford Fiesta



Vauxhall Corsa



Vauxhall Crossland



What you get

1. Fiat 500 – £7,809 median used price
The Fiat 500 is an exceptionally affordable option with an average used price of just £7,809. This stylish, compact car is perfect for city driving, offering easy parking, manoeuvrability, and efficient fuel consumption. Its charming design and customisation options have made it popular, especially among younger drivers or those looking for a distinctive, fun vehicle.
2. Toyota Aygo – £8,394 median used price
The Toyota Aygo is another highly affordable car with an average used price of £8,394. Known for its reliability and low running costs, the Aygo is a practical choice for first-time buyers or as a second family car. Its compact size does not compromise its bold style and character, offering a fun driving experience.
3. Kia Picanto – £9,944 median used price
The Kia Picanto, with an average used price of £9,944, ranks as the third most affordable car. It’s valued for its compact dimensions, reliability, and efficient use of interior space.


Other findings

The least affordable second-hand car is the Tesla Model Y.
This ever popular and ground breaking EV really doesn’t exhaust a lot of value when it drives out of the showroom, such is the demand.
It’s second-hand average median price is £37,925.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Golf is named as the most in-demand second-hand car.

It has almost 12,000 listings to its name, followed by the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus.

When it comes holding the best value, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Mini Hatch and Volkswagen Polo are cruising satisfaction.