Did you know in 2018 1,784 people died on UK roads. Whilst that’s a figure that has much improved since 2008, it’s a number that has plateaued in the last 2-3 years. We share the vision zero concept and believe there is more we can do. Events like this get people together who have a passion for action and change.

Established in 1933 within the British Government as the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, TRL was subsequently privatised in 1996. Today, TRL has more than 1,000 clients across 145 countries, driving positive societal and economic benefit worldwide. This research including everything from the first automated steering tests in the 1960’s, through to move-uk an automated vehicle test at the O2 London.

One of the most interesting subjects was how TRL are looking into the data being collected from accidents in order to improve road safety action and interventions. This data will form a crucial piece of the puzzle for automated vehicles. By understanding all elements in play with regards to an RTC via the STATS19 data, TRL can now use filters and different metrics to understand accident probability and the action required to mitigate that risk.

Human error of course still plays a huge part, however if there’s more we can do with road designs like implementing Active Road Studs or improved white lining. Another often forgotten element to these enhancements that is often forgotten is the continued investment, for example when a road is resurfaced, often the same level of intervention doesn’t get included.

Another interesting angle presented by Gareth Morgan from Pertemps was to really get to the core of how our attitudes are driven by the way we are raised when we’re young. Whilst our behaviour can change based on events that occur, it’s very difficult to change someone’s attitude.

Overall a really thought provoking day and well worth attending if there’s one near you, check out the next dates – here.