The buzz words these days are clean motoring. Of course, using a combustion engine is never going to help you breathe more easily, but you can do your bit to ensure it is at peak performance and efficient.

If you do drive a diesel (which is a high proportion of our training vehicles) then clogged DPFs are a real issue after months of slow urban driving. But a bottled solution is at hand.

Yes, many think such additives are just ‘snake oil’ sales, but Cataclean has plenty of plaudits.  I’m no petro-chemical scientist, but adding a bottle to a ¼ tank of fuel seemed to make a noticeable difference to the engine performance and response, idling and fuel consumption. But you don’t have to take my word for it, various more thorough lab tests have shown great results, and RAC mobile patrols carry bottles to clear filter blockages and improve rough running – yes, it works.

Low speed urban driving leads to the heavy build up of deposits. Cataclean removes these, improving engine performance, efficiency and economy.

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