Have a safe TRIP this Autumn and Winter heads the latest advice on road safety from the Highways Agency.

It is the latest phase of a long-term road safety campaign, advising drivers about the importance of preparing for long journeys.

All in the preparation

The TRIP campaign aims to encourage drivers to plan their journey in advance. As with most things in life, proper preparation is the key to success.

This latest advice from National Highways includes carrying out all necessary vehicle checks, as well as factoring in rest stops before setting off on any long or significant journey. While this is important advice all year around, it is particularly so during autumn and winter seasons.

The checklist is based on four key principles:

  • Top–up – fuel, oil and screen wash
  • Rest – take a rest break every two hours
  • Inspect – check tyre pressure and tread
  • Prepare – have a plan for all weather conditions

Sharing advice

Utilising social media, a key route to accessing driver, especially the young, the autumn focus is now live on Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

On 24 November, the creative will change to winter messaging.

National Highways says: “With safety our number one priority at National Highways, we aim to at least halve the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads by the end of 2025, with a longer-term goal of achieving a zero-harm network.

“To support this vision and help road users to stay – and feel – safe on our road network, our journey planning road safety campaign encourages drivers to plan in advance, including all necessary vehicle checks as well as factoring in rest stops before setting off on any long or significant journey.”

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You can access and download the stakeholder toolkit here via the Road Safety GB site.

There are a range of assets that can be used on social media channels, websites, blogs or newsletters. This could prove a very useful link or even print out for both learners, new drivers or even experienced drivers.