road safety

Road Safety

Wood for the trees

As motorists spend more and more time assessing the road surface, they can easily miss out on other essentials of…

Road Safety

A vision

Almost 30 years ago, a revolutionary idea changed how Europe regarded road collisions. It has probably saved countless lives, but…

Road Safety

Driving standards falling

Drivers believe driving standards are falling. A new poll has found that more than half of drivers admit they’ve tailgated…

Road Safety

Casualties down

The latest official figures reveal a drop in road deaths during 2023. There were 1,645 road fatalities in 2023, compared…

Road Safety

Behaviour around emergency vehicles

A helpful tool for all motorists, especially learners, has been updated. Blue Light Aware is a series of instructional videos…

Road Safety

A call for political action on road safety

Road Safety GB has put its support behind a new road safety manifesto aimed at parliament. It sets out four…

Teaching & Training

Conventionally unconventional

A completely new style of ADI industry event has proved a great success. Setting the precedent for a new era…

Road Safety

Running the reds

A new study has revealed the UK areas most likely to run a red light. At the top of the…

Road Safety

Rural road dangers

The issue of road crashes on rural roads is not just a concern, it’s a pressing problem that demands immediate…

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