road safety

Road Safety

Four legs, four wheels

The inability for motorists to pass horses on the road safely remains a big issue. Thousands of reported injuries has…

Road Safety

European dangers

New research has revealed the most dangerous European countries to drive in, with Romania coming out on top. The study…

Road Safety

Kicking down the cobblestones

Banning parking on the pavement is back on the agenda, if it ever got off the kerb. The Local Government…

Road Safety

Space time continuum

Imagine redefining the concept of ‘stop, look and wait’ and finding it’s a life-saving mantra on our roads. The International…


Focusing on young drivers

Driver training is possibly the most important personal safety scheme any of us undergo. Driving or being in a moving…

Road Safety

Don’t push it

Inappropriate speed kills, and that is the message at the heart of  the new THINK! campaign. The problem is particular…

Road Safety

Changing lanes

The introduction of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) would save lives in the UK. That’s the conclusion of a consultation by…

Road Safety

Take the high road

Changes introduced in the Highway Code two years ago appear to be a cause for concern. The refined hierarchy of…

Road Safety

As you were

The MoT test carries on as before. Following the conclusion of the Government consultation process, the legal remains in place…

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