road safety

Road Safety

Guinea pig drivers wanted

Loughborough University wants car drivers for new research. The idea is to test the next generation of motoring technology as…

Road Safety

Potholes an increasing road safety issue

Potholes are increasingly a window of concern for motorists. Dilapidated road surfaces are an increasing nuisance and danger, significantly more…


Mind Over Matter

Mindfulness can be a brilliant ingredient in the recipe for safer drivers. So believes ADI Sandra Harper, especially when it…

Road Safety

Positivity Pulls Us Through

Positive outlook educational films on road safety achieve more positive results while the fear factor fails to convince, according to…

Road Safety

Shutting the Gate

In a new effort to reduce tailgating on Britain’s road network, Highways England has been trialling special roadside camera technology…


Effective Seasoning

Five myths about road gritting for ice and snow

Caught on camera – 10,000 tailgaters spotted in just two weeks

New cameras that detect tailgaters being tested by Highways England and the police with drivers sent letters highlighting the dangers
Technology & Innovation

Motorists’ smartphones may help highways bosses keep roads safe

Motorists with smartphones could help highway chiefs maintain road quality by sending ‘crowdsourced’ data from their mobiles that would allow engineers to assess when carriageway repairs are needed, according to a new study.
Teaching & Training

15 countries around the world including Norway, Hungary, and Austria include mandatory first aid training for learner drivers.

With UK driving test pass rates plummeting year on year, now at just 46.3% on average, Zuto has analysed over 190 countries to find out how practical and theory exams vary around the world