Horse power goes digital care of The British Horse Society.

Teaming up with GCM, a car YouTuber who boasts over 26k followers, the idea is to spread the word about driving safely around horses.

Previously, The society’s Dead Slow campaign aimed its message to regular motorists through traditional mediums. However, it’s felt that too many young drivers are missing out on the important road safety messages. Combined with their relative inexperience behind the wheel, this is a serious danger to them and horses and their riders.

Watch and learn

The video – which explains the safest way to pass a horse on the roads – has been produced by the BHS, Dorset Police and Devon and Cornwall Police in collaboration with GCM (Georges Car Media).

With GCM describing himself as a ‘petrol head’, it’s believed his help will drive the important road safety message to the eyes and ears of more exuberant young drivers via YouTube.

The Dead Slow campaign was launched to improve driver knowledge. It consists of four key behavioural change messages:

  • Slow down to a maximum of 15mph
  • Be patient – I won’t sound my horn or rev my engine
  • Pass the horse wide and slow, (if safe to do so) at least 2 metres or a car’s width if possible
  • Drive slowly away

On message

Alan Hiscox, director of safety for the BHS, said: “GCM Cars have a large YouTube following and our Dead Slow messages will reach another audience that we would normally find it difficult to communicate with.

“This video covers all the salient points to ensure equestrians are safer on the roads.”

Watch the video here  and be sure to pass the link on.