One in ten drivers are not confident they’d pass theory test now.

The revelation comes come from an AA poll of over 17,000 drivers.

The new survey by the AA Driving School finds 12% of drivers admit they were unlikely to pass the theory test now.

Just four in five (80%) feel confident they would pass their practical driving.

Older not wiser

Unsurprisingly, the most confident age group for passing the tests were those aged 18-24. After all, they are the drivers who have most recently passed the driving tests.

Men were more confident they could pass both driving tests now than women (80%; 60%).

Drivers in Northern Ireland were most likely to feel they could easily pass their practical driving test today (83%). Meanwhile, drivers in the North East of England were most confident they would pass a theory test (63%).

Older drivers were the least confident in their abilities to pass both driving tests. Drivers aged 55-64 were the least sure about re-taking the practical test, while those aged over 65 were least confident about passing the theory test.

A similar poll last year found 81% of drivers said they rarely referred to the Highway Code. Interestingly, 30% had not considered the Highway Code since passing their driving test.

Rules of the road

Robert Cowell, Interim Managing Director of AA Driving School said: “When you’re starting out with learning to drive it can be daunting to think about taking your theory and practical tests, especially after a long break from lessons.” He goes on to state that they drivers are often “less confident with their skills and knowledge”. He believes this can lead to “embarrassment” and silence on the issue. However, “with driving lessons back this could be the nudge they need to book a refresher lesson and get up to speed.”

The Highway Code is an important part of British driving. It is regularly updated with the new guidance and legal obligations. All drivers should have a practical working knowledge in order to drive safely and within the law.

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