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Barry Grainger Insurance started life thirty years ago as a simple, small high street insurance broker and financial advisor. In fact, the insurance arm of the business really was the minor partner until an off the cuff remark laid down a challenge. Managing Director David Harvey, then just a fellow employee, believed he could make the motor insurance arm of the business become a leading asset through his sales and marketing skills. His experience in insurance was mainly in niche motor policies such as Driving Instructor, Taxi, Courier, Catering van and Car & Van (especially drivers with convictions!) policies. They now form the core product range that they sell every day.

A Winner

The name Barry Grainger survived the takeover in 2000, out of respect to the founder and his successes. With year on year growth, the company now has around fifty members of staff, and the products appear on all the big comparison websites looking at Car and
Van policies. Its ethos is to be ‘your one stop shop for all insurance needs’, hence their ability to cover nearly anything that has a motor and runs on wheels, but also your home and any commercial insurance needs you may have. “We try to ensure every instructor has every piece of cover they need to keep them on the road,” says MD David Harvey. “We know that aside from your excellent teaching skills, your car is putting a roof over your head, so it’s important that we can keep you on the road at all times, even in the event of an incident. It’s why we provide every instructor policy with a dual controlled courtesy vehicle, regardless of fault!”

Against the Odds

The insurance market, especially in niche areas, tends to be one of consolidation, where small businesses are swallowed up by others, or fold because their highly competitive premiums are just financially unsustainable. Likewise, when the number of providers shrinks, so premiums expand – a question of supply and demand, and the living and breathing reality of business. But Barry Grainger remains independent, reliable, and a specialist in this industry, always competitive and willing to try beat alternative offers – ADI policies currently cost from £300, and average out at £500. You just need to get in contact and have a friendly chat to see what they can offer you. “We pride ourselves on being able to cater for nearly every combination of claim types and amounts, postcodes, vehicles and grades! What’s more, we welcome PDIs as well as ADIs”. All the products and policies an ADI or PDI could want are provided, and they utilise a panel of leading insurers and underwriters, which enables them to compete and tailor the policy to a customer’s needs.This is key to the company’s ongoing success and growth, and an ADI retention rate of 84%. “We genuinely believe that we have all the tools to help us meet our goal of becoming the biggest instructor insurer in the UK.”

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