In an unprecedented move, the governor of Georgia in the US had given the green light to residents getting a driver’s license without taking a road test. This new radical plan has already been launched and has the world watching.

Under the executive order, which will last as long as Georgia is under a state of emergency, new drivers can obtain their license as long as they have fulfilled all driving requirements besides the road test.

“What the executive order does, it allows the teen driver to go to that next phase without having to take that road test because of social distancing problems, obviously, in trying to provide the test,” Spencer Moore, commissioner of Georgia’s Department of Driver Services, told Atlanta-based television station WSB-TV.

According to WSB-TV, the order will help mitigate the backup of 30,000 people who want to take the road test. Still, some new drivers – and their parents – might feel more comfortable if they take the test before getting their license.

“As a driver, I want to know for myself that I’m ready to be on the road, too,” Tanner Wiggins, 15, told the television station.

Kemp, has defended his controversial decision to loosen Georgia’s social distancing measures by highlighting the need to stimulate the state’s economy and businesses that have been forced to shut their doors during COVID-19.

It’s unclear at this time, how long this initiative will be live and what requirements there will be for people post COVID-19. For example, will those issued with licences have to go back and take a test?

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