Transport for London (TfL) plans to reduce speed limits on almost all TfL roads in central London to 20mph.

In March 2020, 20mph speed limits were introduced on all central London congestion charging zone roads. This is part of TfL’s Vision Zero commitment to eliminate death and serious injury on London’s roads.

Cut speeds, cut deaths

TfL now plans to reduce the speed limits on its remaining roads in the area to 20mph. Other speed reducing measures are also being introduced alongside the limit.

Proposed changes include:

  • A reduced 20mph speed limit on 13km of roads within the borough.
  • Raised tables at six existing pedestrian crossings locations on roads with newly lowered speed limits to reduce danger to people walking and increase compliance with the new speed limit.
  • New road signs throughout to ensure that all drivers are fully aware of the new speed limit
  • Recalibrating speed cameras in the area to ensure compliance with the new speed limits.

Have your say

Views are being sought for the proposals at:

The survey will be open until the August 18. Subject to feedback, the planned changes could be introduced in spring 2022.

Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, said “20mph speed limits significantly reduce road danger”. He believes the changes

“will make a real difference alongside additional safety improvements.”

Looking to zero

In 2020, Westminster Council introduced a 20mph speed limit on all its roads in the borough. This was part of their commitment to making streets in Westminster safer.

The Mayor and TfL have committed to eliminate death and serious injury from London’s transport network as part of their Vision Zero Action Plan. It  includes a commitment to reduce speed limits on roads in London.

Speed is a factor in around 37% of collisions in London where a person dies or is seriously injured, according to TfL.