20 mph zones


Positive slow down

A new report has been published looking at the first three months of Wales’s 20mph restricted speed limit on urban…

Road Safety

Slow understanding of speed

Is the introduction of 20mph zones popular? It would seem from the headline over previous months that they are not.…


Political drive

As the Prime Minister opens his first Conservative Party Conference, he is also setting out both his vision for the…

Road Safety

More haste, less speed

The introduction of default 20mph zones across Wales on restricted roads has certainly brought about a swift backlash. Of course,…

Road Safety

Should the whole UK change to 20 instead of 30

Why not have your view on Wales’s move to default 20mph in restricted speed areas previously 30mph. This has been…

Road Safety

Modern cars can’t do 20 mph

‘Mr Loophole’ is claiming that 20mph speed limit zones re a road safety and environmentally damaging issue. The celebrity traffic…

Road Safety

20 saves lives

New research confirms that 20mph limits work. Their success is dramatically increased when  backed by physical measures and enforcement. These …

Road Safety

City sprint

Another set of road safety data shows 20mph limits are a positive change. Collisions resulting in death or serious injury decreased…

Road Safety

Limits need enforcement

Urban 20 mph speed limits have failed to really make an impression on casualty stats so far because adherence is…

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