As the “revolving door” of Conservative party government continues, it’s difficult to know who’s going in or out at any one time.

However, David Davies, executive director of PACTS, outlines how the government can improve the safety of UK roads.

Whether the leadership, premiership or road safety, a wooden spoon comes to mind.

Get a grip on the wheel

In an opinion piece for Road Safety GB, he looks at how a new ministerial team at DfT can quickly make “serious inroads”. However, it was penned before the latest unplanned government route changes. With the current lack of map or satnav, it is difficult to know who’s in or out, or what it’s all about.

Still, the destination for road safety should not change too much, even if the driver and navigators do.

You can read the full article here.

Safe system

Below are a few of the highlights. But, as has been mentioned, this was written before the fast changing events at Number 10:

We have (when I last looked) four ministers at the Department for Transport with some responsibility for road safety. Under the Secretary of State Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who I’m told has been asking searching questions about road safety….

Like any new ministerial team, they have a huge workload and will be wondering where to start. Will they pick up the (almost published) Road Safety Strategic Framework or start anew?

PACTS and other road safety groups promotes the Safe System. We want to see it firmly established in the UK.

Laser like focus

We need a laser-like focus on the numbers that matter and not a lengthy action plan with a bit of something for everyone. We know a lot about what works and also, if we’re honest, what does not. The interventions needed are all part of the Safe System. Many of the most effective actions will reduce danger and benefit all road users.