Training due to the cut in travel for trainers and allow for more people to be trained quicker due to the trainer being able to switch areas across the UK within a couple of clicks. This training method will also benefit the student financially as our remote training will come at a cheaper cost for the students than our usual course price due to the cut in travel costs.

How does the remote training work?

Our remote training works through live 4G cameras located within the car. These cameras will show the trainer a front view and a rear view along with a view of inside the car which allows the trainer to see the pedals and gear stick, all from the comfort of their own home. The trainer is also able to communicate with the student via video call during the lesson through our tablet located on the centre console.

On the day of the lesson, the trainee instructor simply enters the vehicle, buckles in, starts a video call with their trainer on the vehicles built in tablet and begins their training. With the technology that is built into the vehicle, their trainer can log in remotely, to a crisp HD live stream of their trainee!

The Trainer can provide instant feedback, along with the ability to track the vehicle via GPS to have the trainee experience different roads and conditions.

What’s next for Remote Training you ask?

PNG want to make it so that anyone thinking of becoming a driving instructor, no matter where they are based, or their limitations of sourcing excellent training, PNG can offer exactly what they need.

Working closely with the individual, we can tailor their training to them, for example:

  • Zoom Webinars for Part 1 Theory Test Best Practices.
  • Zoom Webinars for Part 3 Introduction to Teaching.
  • Expert help at your fingertips, with access to our Trainers along with our Dedicated Instructor Training Department.

You can enquire about our instructor training by emailing [email protected] or by visiting the website