Potholes is certainly a topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, with many major organisations like the AA putting pressure on the DfT to take action. There’s no doubt in some areas across the UK potholes are causing havoc for drivers, breakdown companies, insurers and garages. Whilst there seems to be no happy ending on the horizon, a story this week caught our eye.

Ford’s new detection system, unfortunately won’t go around filling in potholes and won’t be swerving dangerously around them either. Instead Ford’s new system will spot a pothole in advance and adjust the suspension to better deal with the impact.

They’ve been testing the new feature at a specially developed road in Belgium which recreates some of the worst potholes the vehicle could find. No need to go all the way to Belgium for that, I’m sure a few of our roads would rival even the meanest recreations.

Talking of filling in potholes, this April fools prank from the AA is something we’d love to see brought to life in the future – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaZni1za3vM