Learner Driver Insurance specialists Veygo by Admiral worked with the Driving Instructors Association to find out what ADIs think about private practice and 94% of you believe that it is beneficial to learners and helps them become more confident drivers.

Private practice helps you pass

Veygo provides short term insurance for learner drivers to practice in a friend or family member’s car, from two hours to 90 days. Learner Driver Insurance customers were surveyed and 90% agreed that private practice helped them pass their driving test. After all… practice makes perfect! (based on 180 responses in August 2018)

Picking up bad habits

The downside of private practice is that novice drivers are under the supervision of someone who more than likely has no experience with teaching someone to drive. In fact, 87% of ADIs surveyed said that there was a risk of learner drivers picking up bad habits from their parents. (based on 490 responses in October 2018)

The best way to negate the risk of your pupils picking up bad habits, is by working together with their parents or guardians to help the learner driver pass their test. So how do you go about this?

Working together

90% of ADIs said that parents of learner drivers would benefit from a refresher driving lesson, before they begin supervising their child. More often than not, parents are involved in booking the learner driver’s lessons, so next time Mum or Dad gets in touch, why not remind them that this is an option? It’s a great opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the Highway code and go over new manoeuvres in the driving test.

Although 95% of ADIs said that parents or guardians should speak with their child’s instructor during private practice to track progress, doing so is often easier said than done. Lot’s of ADIs keep a progress sheet with their pupils to record which skills and manoeuvres they have learned and mastered. Why not give your pupils another copy to fill in with their parents during private practice? That way even if you can’t arrange regular face to face catch ups, Mum and Dad can see what they areas they should focus on when planning routes for private practice.

Make sure they know about insurance

As a driving instructor, you are a fountain of knowledge about all things driving for your pupils, from what car you’d recommend for when they pass, to which insurance providers cover provisional licence holders.

If you’re one of the 95% of ADIs who encourages your pupils to undertake private practice when they are ready, why not sign up to Veygo’s referral scheme?

You can earn £30 for each pupil who purchases Learner Driver Insurance and your pupil will save 10% off their first policy, making it even easier for them to get extra practice outside of lessons. Veygo will even provide you with promotional materials, so all you need to know is hand your pupils the information, and they can decide fi it’s the right policy for them.

To find out more head over to www.veygo.com/instructors.