car insurance


Keeping down insurance costs

At the beginning of 2024, car insurance prices in the UK soared to a record high. The average policy now…


Greater targeting of the uninsured

Uninsured drivers on the road continues to be a problem that can, and does, affect the UK population at all…


Taking care of your wallet

As we all struggle with the cost of living crisis and the high rate of inflation, it perhaps comes as…


Cost of private practice

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) recommends that learners should have an additional 22 hours of supervised private practice…


EV insurance premiums charged up

Electric car (EV) owners are increasingly finding it difficult to reinsure their cars. Report in the media reveal extreme price…


DIY breakdowns

Trying to save money by trying to do a professional’s job by yourself can end up costing you more. Too…


Battery drain

As the UK, and the rest of the developed world, adopt battery electric vehicles (BEV), lifetime costs are only just…


Best cars for new drivers

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf is the most suitable car for first-time drivers, according to a report by car insurance experts…


Town driving

New study attempts to evaluate car ownership costs across the UK. Durham has been named the cheapest U.K. city to…

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