drink driving

Road Safety

Who’s in the driving seat?

Four million people designated to drive on New Year’s Eve have drunk too much to be able to drive. As…

Road Safety

Being a true friend

With the festive party season upon us once more (where does the year go), THINK! is relaunching its ‘Mates for…

Road Safety

The morning after

The recent official statistics on road casualties revealed that safety on our roads is not improving. Many regard the situation…

Road Safety

Under the influence

Driving under the influence is an increasing problem, especially amongst young drivers. That’s the conclusion of  a new report by…

Road Safety

Topping up

New figures from the Department for Transport (DfT) suggest an estimated 260 drink drive deaths on Britain’s roads in 2021.…

Road Safety

Convictions for, speeding rise

The courts have been busy with motorists over the last year, according to the latest statistics. While the number of…

Road Safety

Locking out drink driving

Alcohol interlocks in vehicles have been talked about for many years now. In July 2022, all new motor vehicles available…

Road Safety

Treading a dangerous road

Driving with worn tyres in winter could be more dangerous than drink driving. That’s the conclusion of a new study…

Road Safety

A word from the wise

Experienced drivers have offered timely advice to new motorists. Drink driving as the festive party season begins this weekend was…

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