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MoT test backlog ahead

Pandemic suspensions lead to MoT traffic jams ahead

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Junction observation biggest reason for test failure

Latest government stats released around driving test failures

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Step 4 of the roadmap

'Freedom day', what it means and what you need to know


Flat response to e-scooters

Two thirds of motorists have stated they are opposed to sharing the roads with e-scooters. The online survey on the…


Local lead in electric revolution

Local leaders want new powers to decarbonise transport. These include reducing the cost of connecting electric vehicle (EV) charging networks…

Road Safety

Road casualty reduction

UK road deaths dropped for the first time in eight years during 2020. The coronavirus saw a significant reduction in…


Business Matters

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New app launches giving instructors more freedom and less stress

Now that the industry has picked up again after the standstill last summer, lessons are back in full swing. As…

Better Training

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ADI training where to next?

A lot has changed over the years, but has training kept up?
Better Training

Changing young driver minds

1. A Change of Behaviour   Helping teenagers G.R.O.W. to make safer choices In this series of articles, I am…