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New ‘speed on green’ cameras – What they are and why they can land you a hefty fine

Motorists can now be penalised for speeding in a new circumstance due to ‘speed on green’ cameras which are debuting in the UK. Here's everything you need to know about them

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Honda set to close Swindon car plant

Honda is set to announce the closure of its Swindon car plant in 2022, with the loss of about 3,500 jobs

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The 9 Types of Speed Camera in the UK

Speed cameras are a common sight on Britain’s roads but how many of these nine types are you familiar with?

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Bristol drivers ‘most likely’ to have points on their licence

Bristol has the highest proportion of drivers with at least three penalty points on their licence, according to the latest…


Ford investigating possible problems with fuel economy, emissions tests

Ford Motor has hired outside experts to investigate its vehicle fuel economy and testing procedures after employees raised concerns, and…

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Car finance price rise SHOCK – Brexit causes policies to skyrocket by thousands

New research has revealed that the changes are costing drivers £98 more a month, or as much as £4,606 over…


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David Vs Goliath

Don’t feel intimidated by size, being small can often give you the upper hand

RSGB Talk – Sgt Rob Heard and the Older Drivers Forum

In the latest Road Safety News podcast, I'm joined by Sgt Rob Heard, founder and chairperson of the Older Drivers Forum

Dipod 153 – Driver 2020

In which we take a look at the government 'Driver 2020' scheme, which is being promoted to gather information on how newly qualified drivers cope on our roads