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The latest letter to all ADIs from the CEO, Loveday Ryder

An update on safety procedures & how the DVSA are planning to clear the backlog

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Being blue light aware

GEM Motor Assis provides top tip for dealing with approaching emergency vehicles

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90 years on the highway

Highway Code turns 90


No more car alarms

It may surprise you to know that car thefts grew by one third in the UK last year. That’s despite…


Women drive too

International Women Drivers’ Day is an initiative by the Women’s World Car of the Year. It aims to draw attention…

Road Safety

Teenage driver deaths underestimated

  Drugs, gun and knife crime perceived as bigger threats to teenagers than driving despite global stats to the contrary…


Better Training

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ADI training where to next?

A lot has changed over the years, but has training kept up?
Better Training

Changing young driver minds

1. A Change of Behaviour   Helping teenagers G.R.O.W. to make safer choices In this series of articles, I am…

Look Who's Talking

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Lynne Barrie: Surviving the pandemic

In the craziness of this last eleven months, organisations such as the ADINJC have been at the forefront of providing…