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ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo 2020

The ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo will take place 20th September 2020, and there's 2 more new events as well...

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Two new speakers announced for YDF

Young Drive Focus will be held May 2020 & two new speakers have now been announced!

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‘Raw and honest’ video highlights importance of equestrian road safety

The British Horse Society (BHS) has launched a new video as part of its ‘Dead Slow’ road safety campaign

Legislation & Regulation

Christmas car decorations could land motorists on the naughty list, research reveals

Many road users may already argue that decorating your car for Christmas should be a crime. But the research, from…


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The Findings: Driving Instructor Survey 2019

In the Autumn of this year, the respective market leaders conducted a wide-ranging survey to provide the industry with several…


Survey highlights concerns over condition of local roads

The survey was carried out by the RAC as part of its 2019 Report on Motoring, with 49% of respondents saying…


Buying vs Leasing

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Driving Instructors – Buying or Leasing?

As a driving instructor, especially if you are independent and run your own driving school, you will likely face an…

Look Who's Talking

Christian Borchardt

The recent Intelligent Instructor Awards had one clear winner when it came to the best driving instructor