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Testing times at test centres

Waiting times still increasing

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Disgraceful government inaction on roads

Executive Director of PACTS calls for a road safety plan

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Test pass rates fall

Pass rate down, number of tests up


More evidence of increasing phone use behind the wheel

New official government data shows an increase in mobile phone use behind the wheel. It comes hot on the heels…

Road Safety

Driver licensing changes

The government is considering a change to driver licence permissions to tackle the ongoing driver shortage. Following on from  removing…

Road Safety

A portal to safer roads

  Nextbase, the UK’s leading Dash Cam brand, is today releasing new research to mark its annual National Dash Cam…

Road Safety

Clunky clicks

Are existing penalties for seatbelt use effective enough? This is the question being raised on the back o f new…


All pumped up

The UK government is not doing enough to help professional and private motorists. According to RAC Europe data analysis, we…


Car options on subscription

Subscription services like Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime have become household staples. They have built on the success of mobile…

Road Safety

School Streets success

A research project called School Streets has achieved reduced traffic levels around schools and surrounding areas. The aim of the…

Road Safety

England’s speedy drivers by region

New research has revealed which areas in England have the fastest drivers.  The study by car leasing comparison site…


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On course for a great insurance deal with Adian Flux

Adrian Flux, the UK's largest specialist motor insurance broker, marks a glorious 50 years of business in 2023.


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Now is the perfect time to make your move into full-time employment!

With full-time and part-time roles available, the opportunity to become an Employed Driving Instructor is too good to be missed.

2022 is the KIA EV6

The EV6 is a large, pure-electric hatchback SUV. Styling is out of the ordinary and will certainly divide opinion. However,…


Futures on the forecourt

‘Car of the Year’ (COTY) awards have become the marketeers dream scenario and the advertising sales managers trump card. There…