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Road safety must ‘return to the top of the political agenda’: IAM Roadsmart

IAM RoadSmart has become the latest stakeholder to publish a General Election manifesto, urging the next Government to put post-test training and human behaviour at the heart of the road safety debate

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New outdoor campaign aimed at young drivers across Warwickshire

Today sees start of outdoor campaign aimed at young drivers across Warwickshire telling the truth about drink driving

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Young Driver Focus 2020

Young Driver Focus 2020 will be taking place 19th May, 2020, and the first speakers have now been announced!

Technology & Innovation

Driverless cars to hit London streets in new trial

A trial of eight autonomous Jaguar I-Pace SUVs will take to streets across Zones 1–3 in London to improve their…


Speed awareness reduces repeat offending

The figures show that 44% of Britain’s motorists have been caught speeding and of these, more than half (54%) have…

Road Safety

Collaboration to increase skills of Uber drivers

The videos, produced by AA DriveTech, will form part of the training package for new Uber drivers – as well as…


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Reduce rural speed limits from 60mph to 50mph?

In an ideal world, there’s no need for speed limits if all drivers are highly trained, alert and considerate. As we know, most drivers don’t hit those standards.

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The family facing driving school that’s all about finding your happy