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Chief Driving Examiner talks mock tests

Graham O'Brien summarises new guidance on preparing learners for the driving test

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EV grants unplugged

Government scraps the plug-in-grant

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Young Driver Focus report published

A summary of the latest research in to young drivers and road safety

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Freedom to focus on teaching

If your favourite part of being a driving instructor is the teaching, let PassMeFast do the hard work for you — free!
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Why you should become a driving instructor in 2022

Do you like the sound of a job which is both challenging and fulfilling?

Keeping cars longer

Co-op Insurance has revealed that British motorists are quite literally in it for the long haul. When it comes to…


Where are the charge points?

Motorists are now more worried about the lack of electric charging infrastructure than they are about how far the vehicles…


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Adrian Flux: Steering you to a great deal on all your insurance needs

Adrian Flux is the UK's largest specialist motor insurance broker and we have some great deals for driving instructors.
Road Safety

Russia must step aside from road safety role

The Russian Federation must step aside from its lead negotiating role on road safety at the United Nations General Assembly…

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PDT Fleet Training Solutions are recruiting

An exciting opportunity for ADIs looking to diversify

Speed limiters for cars coming

Speed limiters are back in the news again. According to an article in The Telegraph, they could be fitted to…

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Why should Driving Instructors consider moving to an electric vehicle?

As a driving instructor, it’s likely that you’ve thought about making the change to an electric vehicle (EV).



Seven days without self-care makes one weak

The main risk to our health we think about when spending a lot of time on the road is the…

Better Training

Speeding and driving

Speeding is one of the ‘Fatal Four’ and is cited as a direct cause for 95% collisions in the UK,…

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Award-winning GoRoadie makes handling new pupils a cinch

Gather all the details you need about potential new clients, including availability, special needs or if a driving test is…