Practice makes perfect

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends that learners should have aim for around 22 hours of supervised private practice.…


Best cars for new drivers

The 2019 Volkswagen Golf is the most suitable car for first-time drivers, according to a report by car insurance experts…


Insurance tips for new drivers

Learning to drive and passing the driving test is an exciting time. However, it is just part of the picture…

Teaching & Training

Is it time to regulate learning costs?

Learner drivers are now paying over £2500 to get their licence according to data crunching by This represents a…


Drivers quitting because of rising costs

As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, and will do for the foreseable future, many motorists are hanging…


No dot com, just confused

Car insurance premiums are rising by over 100% in some parts of the country. Part of this is undoubtedly down…


Job titles and costs

Did you know that the average cost of insuring a car has increased by £94.61 in the past two years?…


Undercover of the night

Insurance firm Aviva is warning that cars with keyless entry systems are twice as likely to be stolen as those…


Licence diagnosis

Your health behind the wheel can seriously affect your legal position. A driver’s medical conditions that haven’t been reported can…

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