Taking care of your wallet

As we all struggle with the cost of living crisis and the high rate of inflation, it perhaps comes as…

Road Safety

Weather warning

As we move into autumn and winter, risky weather conditions, such as rain, fog and high winds become more common.…


EV insurance premiums charged up

Electric car (EV) owners are increasingly finding it difficult to reinsure their cars. Report in the media reveal extreme price…


Quirky driving habits

If you steer clear of motorway cats’ eyes or get revved up shouting at other drivers, you’re not alone according…


DIY breakdowns

Trying to save money by trying to do a professional’s job by yourself can end up costing you more. Too…

Road Safety

What to do at a crash scene

Whether you have been involved in or witnessed a bump on the road or a catastrophic collision, car crashes can…


The cost of cover

A staggering increase in the average cost of car insurance places it as the third most expensive household bill. Research…

Legislation & Regulation

Failing fitness tests

An MOT is a legally required annual inspection for all vehicles. Yet motorists are failing to comply despite facing a…


Financial nose dive

One in three drivers is considering quitting due to fuel costs and the cost of living crisis. 53% are concerned…

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