L Board

Founded in 2019, the idea was “to create a digital ecosystem for driving instructors and learner drivers” says Sathish Thirumurthy, Director. “Through this, ADIs and their learners could collaborate and benefit from each other, sharing information about the process of learning to drive from each other’s perspective. “More than this, Lboard is about making more efficient and effective use of time from the ADI’s point of view; as a self-employed business owner, the real income comes from being out on the road and teaching. However, business requires websites, advertising, marketing, diary management and daily schedules, lesson planning and so the list goes on. “An ADI’s job involves a great deal of responsibility and dedication towards learner drivers, and this itself leaves little time for the business and admin side of the work. Our solution is to provide the cutting-edge productivity tools to run their businesses efficiently in the digital world, helping them spend more time on the road teaching, or down time at home with family and friends.” As consumers become increasingly digital savvy, LBoard looks to empower ADIs, working to sustain their business and allow it to flourish.

Blue Skies

Utilising cloud-based comprehensive enterprise solutions and making sure they are fully compatible and easy to use on IOS and Android mobile apps, and online through a web portal, was central to the project. It makes it simple to use, but very powerful in the depth of applications. It takes only a few minutes for ADIs to register with LBoard through the web portal, creating their own online profile page and bespoke course packages/offers for the students. The mobile app provides the ability to book, cancel and reschedule lessons on the move, providing a useful diary summary of the ADI’s activities, such as upcoming lessons and pending updates. Meanwhile, automated text alerts are sent to students to confirm and remind of lesson bookings and cancellations, while vice versa, ADIs are alerted of student changes etc through push notifications. For Driving schools, the ‘School Admin’ section can centrally manage the bookings for their ADIs while providing visibility of all the ADIs and their respective students. In addition, useful reports and analytics can be are available to help analyse the performance of the school, ADIs and students so that the business can progressively move forward in productivity, efficiency and success. “The aim is to improve the bottom-line of the ADIs and driving schools in two areas: Firstly, reducing the operational cost by allowing existing students of the ADIs to register and leverage the benefits offered; and secondly, increasing revenue for ADIs by bringing in new students through the digital channel. All these benefits are offered absolutely free for ADIs and students to enjoy.”


It sees itself in a pioneering position with its cloud-based technology, equipping ADIs with what it regards as ‘the best in class’ tools to manage their business with minimum effort. They continue to evolve the product and services, not least by aiming to offer more value-added services, such as teaching aids, building on the existing repertoire and the product’s success.

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