Launched just a month ago, the Department for Transport (DfT) has extended the current MOT consultation.

The closing date has been moved from February 28 to March 22, following industry pressure.

It considers possible changes to what the MOT looks at, including whether the first MOT for new light vehicles should be changed from three to four years.

Originally the consultation gave just six weeks to respond.

After pressure from various sources, the DfT has now said the MOT consultation will now not close until 11.45pm on March 22.

Extra time

Stuart James, chief executive of the Independent Garage Association (IGA), is “delighted that our collective concerns have been listened to”.

James describes the initial consultation period was “far too short”. Concerns were raised as to the ability to “thoroughly consider the impact”, especially considering road safety.

“Allowing a further four weeks to the consultation period will enable stakeholders time to appropriately consider and respond to the extensive detail contained within the consultation documents.”

He continued: “While this is good news, we will not relax our efforts to ensure that public are protected from the proposed move to a 4-1-1 MOT frequency and will continue to work with the DfT throughout the consultation period and beyond.

“I encourage everyone to respond to the MOT consultation with their views and sign the automotive trade bodies’ petition to stop the 4-1-1 MOT.”

Electrifying the fleet

Included in the consultation is the frequency of MOTs, along with how to improve monitoring of emissions. Pollution and bolstering the environmental efficiency of vehicles is a key part of the suggested changes.

These include introducing testing of pollutants such as particulate number (PN) and NOx to ensure diesel, petrol and hybrid cars always meet emissions requirements throughout their lifespan.

Even new electric vehicles need consideration on various aspects that differentiate them from petrol and diesel vehicles. Among the proposals, whether electric vehicles’ batteries should be tested to improve the safety and reliability of EVs.

There are also additional measures to tackle excessively loud engines and how the DVSA can continue to crack down against MOT and mileage fraud.

Your opinions

To have your say about changes to the date of the first MOT test and research into other MOT enhancements click here.

The consultation closes on March 22 at 11.45pm.