Legislation & Regulation

Clean air zones are working

City clean air zones have become a controversial point of debate in recent months. The controversy surrounded the extension of…

Road Safety

Back to school

Westminster City Council has taken the decision to make School Streets permanent following an 18-month trial. The trials at a…

Legislation & Regulation

A fine mess

Car exhausts systems are still failing to meet set targets for removing particulates. While the filters fitted remove the majority…

Legislation & Regulation

Taxing tyres

According to The Telegraph and RAC News, the Department for Transport (DfT) is looking at the potential for a tyre…

Road Safety

MoT consultation extended

Launched just a month ago, the Department for Transport (DfT) has extended the current MOT consultation. The closing date has…


Seeing through the smog

Green NCAP launches unique Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tool for consumers. A new Consumer Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tool is…


Crazy car park tariffs

Parking never seemed so complicated. RAC’s Drive website has picked up this story from Twitter. Plenty of choice A council…


The cat with the cream

A new type of catalytic converter looks to improve emissions. It achieves this by accelerating the removal of harmful nitrogen…

Road Safety

Right on road thinking

Should right-hand turns be banned in the UK? It’s a question being raised by US academic Vikash V. Gayah. He’s…

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