driver attitudes


Getting the horn

A distinct honking style serves as a revealing indicator of a driver’s personality and conduct on the road? That’s the…

Road Safety

Shocking realities of road safety training

What is the best way to convey the very real dangers of driving to young people? It’s a question that…

Road Safety

No exception to speeding

It’s time to cut out the loophole of ‘exceptional hardship’ for those avoiding a driving ban. That’s the view of…

Road Safety

Reaching boiling point

It seems as though we have reached a point of potential frustrations getting out of control on our roads. As…

Teaching & Training

Mancunian partnership

New initiative in Manchester enlists the help of ADIs. Engage provides ADIs in north west England with professional training and…

Road Safety

More frustrated and angry drivers

Stress and anger behind the wheel has increased since the first national lockdown. New research from Brake and Direct Line,…


Unwritten rules of the road

There has long been a series of urban myths and unwritten rules that govern the way we drive. Are people…

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